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DeskTop Drag 5™

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DeskTop Drag 5™
Pro Racing Sim Desk Top Drag 5

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Rather than making trial runs at the track to determine the best setup for your street rod, motorcycle or dragster, why not save money and time by doing it all on your Windows-equipped PC? DeskTop Drag 5™ is an inexpensive, yet highly-accurate 1/4- and 1/8-mile drag race simulation that allows you to analyze the winning potential of your vehicle by selecting various parts from built-in menus - or by entering your own custom specs. With this advanced software, you can model virtually any vehicle's design, weight, frontal area, aero drag, wheelbase, tires and even driving style.

• Features advanced graphics that display e.t., mph, engine and clutch (trans input shaft) rpm, acceleration, aero drag, tire slip, etc.
• "Zoom-in" feature can analyze starting line or top-end performance
• Design, build and drag test cars, motorcycles, dragsters- FWD or RWD
• Uses an advanced Windows interface with easy-to-use DirectClick™ Menus
• Pop-up TimeSlip™ provides a detailed performance overview
• Windows 7 Compatible