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DeskTop FastLap 5™ Software

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DeskTop FastLap 5™ Software
Desktop FastLap 5

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Using the latest in performance simulation technology, DeskTop FastLap5™ analyzes the handling capability of any vehicle on any closed-course, asphalt track. This top-of-the-line software can perform a comprehensive analysis of any vehicle, turn-by-turn, to provide you with the best chassis and vehicle setup. It can also run an extensive simulation and display lap times and full vehicle "telemetry" to within a small percentage of true track-test data. Once you choose your setup combination, Desktop FastLap5™ will take your vehicle through a "hot lap" with instant results.

• Accurately design, build and simulate any vehicle on any closed-course, asphalt track in mere seconds with ease
• Tests weight, wheelbase, center of gravity, aerodynamics, shifting and braking points, tires, gear ratios, suspension, and power curves
• Features include DirectClick™ Menus, QuickAccess™ Buttons, precision data display with reticule, 160-page color users manual and more
• Pick from 40+ built-in tracks or model your own with the Track Editor™ app
• Customer user interface displays vehicle specs on the left and track-testing results on the right side of screen
• Windows 7 Compatible