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Hi-Tech™ Checking Pushrod

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Hi-Tech™ Checking Pushrod make it easy to obtain correct valve train geometry for safe and accurate results.
Hi-Tech™ Checking Pushrod

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Checking pushrods make it easy and economical to lay out and determine proper pushrod length during any high performance engine rebuild. Precise length measurement is necessary for correct valve train geometry in order to obtain the desired results from the cam and to ensure damage is not done to the rest of the valve train. Hi-Tech™ Checking Pushrods are precision-crafted from a durable steel alloy and black-oxide finished to provide years of accurate measurement. These checking pushrods are designed for years of accurate measurements and come in a wide variety of lengths. Some Hi-Tech™ Checking Pushrods feature 5/16" cup ends as well. *Note: Hi-Tech™ Checking Pushrods with 5/16" cup end pricing differs from the Hi-Tech™ checking pushrods without the cup end.