About RHS®

RHS® – Delivering Power By Design™

Racing Head Service™ - the legendary innovator of airflow technology – offers the ultimate in cylinder head, engine block and intake manifold performance. Utilizing the resources of the industry leading COMP Performance Group™ engineering and development team and the most sophisticated engine technology in the performance aftermarket, RHS® has re-established itself as a leader in airflow design.

The Legacy of Innovation Founded in 1967, Racing Head Service™ began exclusively as a manufacturer of racing cylinder heads. Over the years, RHS® grew into an integrated racing company, offering complete turn-key engines and race car parts via mail order. Always an innovator, RHS® was among the first to offer “crate engines” and mail order parts, establishing its reputation as a leader.With innovative cylinder head designs and porting techniques, the company became a performance icon during the 1970’s and ’80s in both circle track and drag racing competition.

In 1976, the RHS® management team, recognizing the direct performance linkage between cylinder heads and camshafts, launched a new company – Competition Cams®. Throughout the '80s, RHS® and COMP Cams® became an amazing one-two punch for everything to do with racing. From their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, the two dominated NHRA and short track competition with their racing heads, valve train components and engines. Today, COMP Cams® has grown to be the dominant force in valve train technology and an established leader in the automotive aftermarket.

The Return Of A Legend As the company that started it all, RHS® is proud to re-emerge as a member of the COMP Performance Group™ with the industry’s largest and most advanced airflow technology team. By combining knowledge with valve train experts at COMP Cams® for more comprehensive R&D efforts, our engineers have been able to develop some of the highest flowing, best performing cylinder heads and intake manifolds in the performance aftermarket.

And recently, RHS® has designed the most advanced engine block ever built for GM LS engines. These developments have helped usher in a new era of performance engine technology . . . and you are there to witness the event!