Arbor / Pilot for Cutters - 5/16" diameter1

5/16" Arbor/Pilot for Seat & Guide Cutters
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Arbor / Pilot
Most high performance engines require larger than stock diameter valve springs. Our Spring Seat Cutters allow youto machine the spring seats using an ordinary hand drill. We even offer seat cutters to accommodate the spring seatcups that are so widely used today (Note: all seat cutters cut to .630" inside diameter). Our Valve Guide Cutters aredesigned to shorten the valve guide boss for high lift cams, and also reduce the outside diameter to accept triplesprings and/or aftermarket valve seals. Each tool utilizes our Interchangeable Arbors, which are sold separately, soorder the one that matches your valve stem diameter.

Arbor / Pilot for Cutters - 5/16" diameter
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