EFI Sportbike Dry Nitrous System Without Bottle

  • Adjustable from 30-to-60 additional HP
  • Does NOT include nitrous bottle; Otherwise is a complete kit
  • Elec. WOT activation switch reads TPS w/ 1 wire hook-up; Easy install w/ no mechanically activated switches
  • Works w/ any EFI sportbike engine

*System does NOT include a nitrous bottle.

EFI Sportbike Dry Nitrous System

The ZEX™ EFI Sportbike Dry Nitrous System is the most complete nitrous system (except bottle) you can buy for your EFI-equipped motorcycle. The ZEX™ kit incorporates an advanced electronic throttle position sensor switch that activates at wide open throttle. In this way, the ZEX™ kit lets you easily control the nitrous “hit” compared to the more common horn button activation.


  • Adjustable from 30-60 additional HP w/ supplied tuning jets

  • Does NOT include a nitrous bottle, but otherwise is a complete system

  • Each system includes a high-flow nitrous solenoid, straight-shot nitrous nozzle, electronic TPS activation switch & stainless steel braided lines

  • Easy, single afternoon installation process

  • Requires power programmer / tuner to adjust fuel enrichment

  • Works safely on stock or modified engines / applications

  • Fits all EFI-equipped sportbikes