GM LS Cathedral Port Sheet Metal Intake Manifold with Fuel Rails

RHS now offers a high performance sheet metal intake manifold for GM LS cathedral port engines - LS1/LS6/LS2/LQ4/LQ9/LM7. Black anodizing with a textured finish creates a unique appearance while the scalloped fuel rails (included) further set this intake apart. The RHS Sheet Metal Manifold doesn't just look good, it will help your engine achieve its peak potential, whether you're building a high RPM screamer or a boosted powerhouse.

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The RHS Sheet Metal Intake provides race-developed technology for the street. It offers great aesthetics often associated with a high budget race engines. From each high strength and durable TIG weld to the clean sheet metal bends and contoured runners, this manifold is the perfect piece to complete your engine. The scalloped fuel rails (included) help to further set your engine apart.

  • Excellent performance in high RPM naturally aspirated engines, as well as boosted applications
  • Big plenum, short runner design helps your engine achieve peak power potential
  • High quality, durable construction ensures great fitment and reliability. The manifold's robust 3mm thick aluminum construction resists flexing and is ideal for use in boosted applications
  • Tested to 25+ psi of boost, it has the strength needed when used on 1000+ hp racing applications
  • Intake manifold comes as a complete kit, including billet aluminum fuel rails, fittings, hardware, and gaskets