LSX High Output Nitrous System

  • Includes High Flow Solenoids
  • Adjustable From 100 to 250 Horsepower
  • Complete Wet System; Includes Everything For A Safe, Proper Installation
  • Works Safely On Both Stock & Modified Vehicles
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 LS(X) High Output Nitrous System

The ZEX™ LSX High Output System is ideal for any GM LSX-powered vehicle (LS1, -2, -3, -6, -7, L99, Gen III & Gen IV) looking for a serious power upgrade from the standard system. This kit features giant, high-flow nitrous and fuel solenoids and -4AN nozzle feed lines. All of this high flow hardware allows you to spray from 100-250 horsepower. Also included with this ZEX™ system is Fuel Shear™ Technology, which injects enrichment fuel directly in the nitrous plume for better atomization. In addition, a programmable TPS switch allows for electronic throttle activation when you need it most.

  • Allows you to spray from 100-250 HP

  • Enrichment fuel injected into nitrous plume for better atomization

  • Engineered specifically for GM engines

  • Patent #s: 6,234,155 & 7,147,173

Why ZEX is

Active Fuel Control™

One of our nitrous systems most innovative safety and power feature is the "Active Fuel Control". The ZEX™ Nitrous System reads the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the fuel enrichment accordingly. If it is a cool day and the nitrous bottle pressure is around the 700 psi range, the nitrous system will add less enrichment fuel than if it is a warm day and the nitrous bottle is at 950 psi. This unique feature ensures that you always have the optimum ratio of nitrous and fuel. Never too rich, never too lean. It also ensures maximum power and safety at all bottle pressures.

Fuel Shear™ Technology

Fuel Shear™ Technology injects enrichment fuel using a fuel transfer tube. This tube allows the ZEX™ nozzle to directly inject fuel into the highest velocity area of the nitrous plume. This high-speed nitrous shears the fuel away from the tube, atomizing it to levels other nozzle designs never achieve. This high level of atomization ensures perfect fuel distribution from cylinder to cylinder, ensuring one cylinder is never dangerously rich or lean, like competitor’s nozzles. This finely atomized mixture delivered by the ZEX™ nozzle also burns more powerfully and maximizes the horsepower you get from your nitrous system.

TPS Sensor Activation

Our throttle position sensor switch is truly innovative. For years, nitrous systems have been activated by use of crude push buttons and throttle arm activated micro switches. These devices were very difficult to install and were constantly failing because of the extreme temperatures found in vehicle engine bays. ZEX™ integrated advanced microprocessor control circuits into our nitrous systems so that they "learn" the voltage curve of an engines throttle position sensor. This enables our nitrous systems to activate at wide-open throttle, precisely and reliably, every time.